How to Integrate Content and Language in CLIL Pedagogy Theories and Examples

CLIL 指導における教科内容と英語学習の統合法理論と実例 15th of July, Sophia University, Osaka Campus 今回の講座では、CLIL(内容言語統合型学習)の本丸である「教科内容 と英語学習の統合法」に焦点を当てます。最先端の研究に基づく理論 を解説し、その知見による教室での実践例を豊富に紹介します。講師 は、CLIL 研究で世界的に有名なAngel Lin 教授(サイモン・フレイ ザー大学)と、日本CLIL 教育学会副会長を務める池田真教授(本学) が担当します。 This seminar focuses on the integration of subject-matter and English acquisition, which is the crucial aspect of CLIL (Content and Language […]

The 1st J-CLIL Annual Bilingual Conference: CLIL pedagogy for multilingual and multicultural contexts

Authenticity and motivation in soft CLIL 2018 J-CLILPinner_authenticity Short Abstract This talk discusses materials in CLIL, specifically looking at the issue of authenticity, which is often a defining aspect of the CLIL approach. Authenticity connects to motivation, again providing a […]

CLIL Workshop in Osaka: The front line of CLIL – principles and practice for integrated assessment

We are pleased to announce this upcoming workshop at Sophia University’s Osaka Satellite Campus on the 3rd of March 2o18. The featured speakers will be Makoto Ikeda, Yuki Yamano, Correy Fegan and Jane Delaney. The price is 4,000 yen. Please […]

CLIL in Japanese Schools; Events with Rosie Tanner – An Overview

Reported by Graham Mackenzie As a part of a CLIL Materials Development Research Project supported by Kyokasho Kenkyuu Centre, we were very fortunate to be able to welcome Education Consultant and CLIL specialist Rosie Tanner to Tokyo for a series […]

The Symposium on Studying Subjects and Specialist Content Through English – Write Up

The Symposium on Studying Subjects and Specialist Content Through English 「英語で教科内容や専門を学ぶ」 at Waseda University was an excellent and thought-provoking event, which was attended by teachers and students from many different areas of education, from primary to university levels. The first […]

Symposium for CLIL in a plurilingual community of practice 2017

Following on from the success for the 2016 Symposium, CLIL in a Plurilingual Community of Practice returned with more speakers and demonstration lessons to talk about how CLIL can be implemented as an approach in Japan for foreign language learning. […]

SYMPOSIUM for CLIL in a Plurilingual Community of Practice

Date: January 28, 2017 (Saturday) Place: Room 102, Building 12, Sophia University, Tokyo Japan In this symposium, Professor Makoto Ikeda will introduce the theory of CLIL in connection to practices of CLIL in Japan and Europe. This will be followed by […]