Christian Dalton-Puffer will be running a session in Osaka

In the first part of this lecture-workshop I will discuss the concept of CLIL and different forms of its implementation. We will deal with reasons for its propagation at national and supra-national level in Europe and elsewhere, considering the influence of official language policies, the positions of grassroots stakeholders such as teachers, students and parents, as well as learning outcomes. In the second part, CLIL practice will move into the centre of attention. Considering CLIL classrooms as learning events, we will put different questions to the practices that can be observed in real CLIL classrooms: What characterizes CLIL lessons as spaces for L2 language use? How might this impact on the language learning that takes place? Are there language practices that particularly support content learning? All sections of the session will be supported by evidence from CLIL classrooms including video clips.

3 thoughts on “CLIL 2015 Workshop in Osaka: Policy and practice of CLIL in Europe and beyond”

  1. I am thinking of attendingthecinference at Sopha University. I would be representing the European Platform as well as The Graz group from the ECML.

    I would like a conference program includingfees and hotel information so If I attend I could make the arrangements. Please consider the time constraints as I need to book right away.
    Thank you,
    Kevin Schuck

    1. Dear Kevin
      This is a one day workshop so we do not have a program. Please look into hotels and other travel arrangements yourself as we do not have the staff to accommodate such requests. We hope to see you at the event.

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