3 thoughts on “CLIL(内容言語統合型学習)ワークショップ[発展編] 教室でのCLIL指導テクニック”

  1. I have a CLIL teacher resource book “CLIL activies”, which is authored by Liz Dale & Rosie Tanner, and I’m very interested in this CLIL workshop in Osaka.
    I’m a 39 year-old former contract high school EFL teacher in Osaka who is eager to and try to come back to EFL teaching job.
    I would be really grateful if I could be permitted to attend this workshop though I’m not a current, but former EFL teacher.
    If I’m likely to be permitted, I will apply for this workshop.

    1. Dear Ohta-sensei
      I am sure you are welcome to attend, just send an email to the address listed on the flyer. There are limited places but I’m sure you will be able to attend if you register soon. Thanks for your interest and your comments on the site!


      1. Thank you very much for your welcoming reply.
        I have just applied for the workshop by e-mail.
        I’m really looking forward to learning a lot about the practice of CLIL.

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