With only a week to go until most institutions break up for a winter and New Year holiday, it’s time to take stock of what has been a fantastic year for CLIL and recap some of the highlights.

Of course, the year started well with the national CLIL conference in Utrecht, Holland. It was also a good year for CLIL books, with several being released. Most notably Peeter Mehisto’s book on Excellence in Bilingual Education, and of course the edited volume of essays on CLIL in Japan published by Sophia University Press. Sophia was also very pleased to host several lectures and workshops on CLIL by Dr. Mehisto, and there were other conference presentation on CLIL in Japan which also focused on the unique context of language education presented by the land of the rising sun.

Taking us into 2013, The Asian EFL journal released a call for papers in 2012 for its forthcoming special issue on CLIL in Asian contexts. Another forthcoming special edition of the ICRJ which will focus on Japan and other Far Eastern contexts. Sophia will also be preparing to roll out its new language programs in 2014 which takes a CLIL approach, and hence 2013 will be a busy time for us at Sophia as we train teachers on CLIL and prepare to implement a very different educational paradigm.

All in all, 2012 has been great, but 2013 looks set to be even more exciting as CLIL research and practice gains further footholds here in Japan and around the world.

Thank you for reading and we wish you all the best for New Year!


2 thoughts on “Looking back on 2012”

  1. Dear Richard,
    I’d just like to say thanks for promoting Asian EFL Journal’s special edition on CLIL due out at the end of 2013. We’ve had a healthy number of submissions so the edition should be diverse and interesting.
    Many thanks and best wishes
    John Adamson
    Asian EFL Journal

    1. Dear John

      Thank you very much for your comments. We are hoping that CLIL will continue to raise its profile and the standard of language teaching will also continue to improve over the next year. We look forward to the special edition!


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