This year, the IATEFL 46th annual conference held in Glasgow featured many talks and presentations dedicated to the burgeoning field of CLIL. Makoto Ikeda, the founder of CLIL Japan, was one of the speakers along with his colleague Shigeru Sasajima. Their session, entitled Effective INSET programmes for CLIL teachers in an EFL context was a featured video session and was well received by the participants.

Session Details:

CLIL is gradually attracting attention outside Europe and more CLIL classes are being
provided to EFL students. However, there are a variety of CLIL approaches in different
contexts, so teachers are faced with a fundamental question: what is CLIL? To answer this question, we are trying to develop effective INSET programmes for EFL teachers who seek for an innovative classroom.


Watch the video here

Dr. Ikeda has been working on Teacher Training courses and initiatives in Japan in order to promote a better understanding of the way CLIL can be used by teachers in an EFL context.

As we move further into 2012 there will be more posts and conferences for you here on the CLIL Japan website.

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